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November Politics

NOVEMBER 2010 - Republicans tip the bus that Obama has been throwing everybody under.

VOTING DAY CHANGE ALERT!! - ....And to my supporters: Your voting day has been changed to Wednesday, November 7th, 2012..

ARROGANCE - This photo is all you need to remember inside the voting booth this November

THE SUMMER OF RECOVERY - Can you and your family handle two more years of the incompetence, the wacko agenda and reckless spending of Reid, Pelosi and Obama? If not, you need to vote them out of power this November!

THE REAL PARTY OF NO - No in November

IMMUTABLE TRUTH - Americans have been bribed for decades. What are you going to do about it this November? Your freedom is disappearing bit by bit, day by day.

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NOVEMBER 2, 2010 - Just a warm up for November 2012.

OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD - And our votes will be counted In November

NEW AXIS OF EVIL - One of the New Axis of Evil members seen moments after uttering: "Well then, let the jobless eat gulf shrimp"

REAL JUSTICE - we all know this is a dream and not likely to happen right? They will all manage to take care of their own, hide their tracks, etc.

OBAMUNISM - Keep it up! Wer'e gonna get even with you!

RALLYING CALL... - The Many, The Pissed, The Taxpayers

REACTION TO NOVEMBER'S ELECTION RESULTS - Guess which one is the liberal and which one is the conservative.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - D.C. as in District of Corrpution. Interestingly, much of D.C. was built on top of what was formerly swampland. That explains the creatures that like to live there.

DELAWARE, MINNESOTA, WASHINGTON AND WISCONSIN - Have apparently also received several truck loads of Votemout and are vaccinating numerous victims.

OUR BIG PROBLEMS... - are the result of their "Big Solutions"!!

RMS DEMOCRAT CONGRESS - In what is thought to be the last known image of the house of reps as they set sail for the Nov elections.


CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR PICKS: - Just one more reason why "None of the above" should be a valid selection in the voting booth!

BUYER'S REMORSE - It's all the rage

NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY - November's coming! Expect Carnage

BADGE OF HONOR - To Be worn on November 2nd!

RATIONAL THINKING - I like this guy's train of thought! let's vote out all the fools in November!